Thursday, September 13, 2007

EIFS Pros or cons.

What are the pros and cons of an exterior insulation and finish system? 
Cladding a building with an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) offers many benefits. For starters, it updates the appearance of a tired looking building, which entices renters to want to live there. It also reduces heating requirements, increasing the potential for profitability for the owner. Installing insulation on the exterior of masonry buildings leverages the thermal benefits of the massive masonry walls. This dampens the temperature fluctuations seen by the masonry and leads to energy-saving costs over time.
The main drawbacks are the need to recoat and maintain the system, and installation problems that result in leakage. However, installation problems can be avoided. A proper EIFS installation will shed water and be sealed at the windows and other wall penetrations so that leakage doesn’t occur. When an EIFS is applied over top of a solid masonry wall, the durability of the masonry system can usually deal with minor leakage, particularly with today’s drained EIFS cladding installations. But, as with any large repair or renovation, it is worth the cost to have a seasoned consultant specify and design with proven products, and then then to have the cladding installation reviewed by an experienced contractor. Quality products, used in a good design and expertly installed, will minimize the risk of future performance issues.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

EIFS Certification Renewal?

Give me a freaking break! For any of you professionals out there, do yourself a favor and don't fall victim to the certification crap that EDI, AWCI and EIMA constantly try to get you to purchase.

EDI's certification cost about $900.00 to take a dopey test created by some of the same morons that were responsible for all the crap that arose in the 90's. ( If you want to learn EIFS email me and I'll forward you my book.) After sitting through the ridiculously irrelevant 3 day course you will then recieve your handy name badge which you pay for. That's it. Now you are EDI certified. At least until the certification expire next year and you have to pay a couple hundred for your renewal. Is that dumb or what?

AWCI is no better. They offer an EIFS certification for about $800.00 that anyone can take and become instantly certified. Wow! Just remember to renew your certification for $100.00.

EIMA on the other hand doesn't want to teach you anything they just want your $500.00 to list you as a member.

Enough is enough. I'm talking to EIFS applicators. Stand up and don't let industry bureaucrats tell you how to do your job. Remember, these organizations were all in business when EIFS was going up all over the country the wrong way and they did nothing to stop the madness. They are in it for the money and that's all. Now they go around claiming to be the experts and basically calling us ignorant yahoos that can't do it without them. They couldn't be further from the truth.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

AWCI communication log.

'Jennifer Heinz'
Sent: Mon Sep 10 12:58


Priority: Normal

RE: your email
Type: Text

Really? You'll have to provide me with more information if you expect
some action - I have no idea to whom you are referring. You're welcome
to substantiate your accusation with facts and we'll look into it. And,
thanks, I'm actually having a marvelous day!

Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry
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Falls Church, VA 22046
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-----Original Message-----
From: Ed Santana
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 3:57 PM
To: Jennifer Heinz
Subject: Re: your email


I just wanted to let you know what type of garbage work some of your
certificate holders are doing. Have a marvelous day.

Ed Santana

EIFS Certification is a joke.

The other day I received a phone call from someone interested in a proposal for EIFS work and I was happy to give him the best price that I could. Now what struck me as completely asinine was that the distributors that the owner was thinking about using, (Tidewater Interior Products) told my prospective client that:

a. I never purchased any material from them.
b. I was not an approved applicator for Dryvit.

Well, I don't know which statement was more ridiculous. First of all I've been purchasing from those a_sholes for almost twenty YEARS! Secondly, not an approved APPLICATOR!
They have got to be shitting me. I have more experienced with EIFS, stucco, stone, you name it, in my little finger than the TIPs' entire staff. I've been doing EIFS the right way for close to 20 years. Anyway, after I called them and informed them that they were either suffering from amnesia or selective memory loss, Doug Johnson (so-called approved applicator) from TIP informed me that he didn't give a rats' ass about what I had to say. Probably because I haven't purchased any material from them because they jack prices up every 3 months it seems. And by the way, Doug Johnson couldn't float a wall if his life depended on it. Now Shannon, (longtime employee of TIP) on the other hand was far more helpful and apologized for the mix up.

Now for the million dollar question. Are the clowns that are doing this job located at Holland Plaza in Virginia Beach approved applicators? Is the owner (Samco Properties) an approved applicator? I think not. My point is this, even at press time, so to speak, Dryvit, AWCI and the rest of the so-called experts including the vast majority of distributors don't have a clue what's actually going on in the field and it's a damn shame. I can not believe that they said I'm not an approved applicator. Could it be because I tell it like it is? Maybe. Why people put their trust in these companies and the so-called certification companies when they were the folks responsible for the fiasco that took place in the 90's is beyond me. I have no idea.

I have been doing EIFS for a long time and I find it insulting that simply because I haven't sat through a boring seminar that I am an "unapproved applicator". Well if the being an approved applicator leads to quality jobs like the pics below than they can keep their certifications. As far as I can see, the job below is certified garbage.

Don't believe me? Look at the pictures and decide for yourselves. These pics were taken in July for Sam Speigel of Samco Properties. The work continues as of today 09-10-07.

These aren't the only pics I have and I will be posting alot more in the near future. Just wait until I post the finish coat pics.

If you want a job done right call Ed Santana @ 757-748-5052 and put your trust back into real masons and not into salesmen.

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