Wednesday, September 12, 2007

EIFS Certification Renewal?

Give me a freaking break! For any of you professionals out there, do yourself a favor and don't fall victim to the certification crap that EDI, AWCI and EIMA constantly try to get you to purchase.

EDI's certification cost about $900.00 to take a dopey test created by some of the same morons that were responsible for all the crap that arose in the 90's. ( If you want to learn EIFS email me and I'll forward you my book.) After sitting through the ridiculously irrelevant 3 day course you will then recieve your handy name badge which you pay for. That's it. Now you are EDI certified. At least until the certification expire next year and you have to pay a couple hundred for your renewal. Is that dumb or what?

AWCI is no better. They offer an EIFS certification for about $800.00 that anyone can take and become instantly certified. Wow! Just remember to renew your certification for $100.00.

EIMA on the other hand doesn't want to teach you anything they just want your $500.00 to list you as a member.

Enough is enough. I'm talking to EIFS applicators. Stand up and don't let industry bureaucrats tell you how to do your job. Remember, these organizations were all in business when EIFS was going up all over the country the wrong way and they did nothing to stop the madness. They are in it for the money and that's all. Now they go around claiming to be the experts and basically calling us ignorant yahoos that can't do it without them. They couldn't be further from the truth.

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Michael said...

Might be interesting for you to know but many insurance companies will not write an EIFS contractor without them being certified (or at least have someone on staff that is). Furthermore, special programs that allow EIFS contractors to minimize their insurance costs REQUIRE the certificate. So if I have to pay $500 a year to save tens of thousands of dollars on my insurance premium, that's a pretty good return on investment. Quick example so you understand. Small stucco contractor, $325,000 in receipts. Minimum premium in NJ for coverage including EIFS installation is $25,000. OR, with the EIFS certification the same insurance via two policies, 1) a stucco liability policy, and 2) a "gap" coverage policy for the EIFS exposure could be as little as $6,000 depending on the total payroll. So... $6,000 + $500 per employee or $25,000 minimum? You do the math. Evidently you are not seeing the benefits; you're only criticizing. Might be smart to understand the whole picture.